• This machine has been specially designed for the vaporizing and stretching of washed or dyed trousers. By means of a totally automatic cycle, the dummy sets waist of the trousers and tightens it, stretches the trouser, vaporizers and dries them. 
  • Machine has a special stretching clamps, which automatically stretch the trouser according to the programmed size.


  • For all tipes of trousers
  • Counter control
  • Sizes Control
  • Tensioning forces controlled
  • Production: 3 - 4 Pc/min
  • Fan power: 1HP
  • Steam consumption: 25  Kg.v.h
  • Air consumption: 80 l/min
  • Air pressure: 4-6 kg/cm2
  • Automatic Cycle: Included
  • PLC and digital control panel: Included
  • Dimensions: 750 X 1.400 X 1.900 mm