Machine pour Tourner Tubulaire


  • Quarter Tubular Turn machine has been designed for such companies which would like to turn the tubular to hide the tubular sheet.
  • This system is more efficient than the tradicional turning tubular on the spreading machine, for some reasons:
  • 1.- Spreading machine works quicker as do not have to turn the tubular.
  • 2.- Meanwhile your spreading machine is spreading you also turn the tubular. Both operations done separately are quicker. 
  • 3.- Final accuracy on quarter turning is much better with separate machine as is controlled by an operator who adjusts the line meanwhile the process. If you do the turn on the machine meanwhile spreding, you can not control the line. 



  • Stretches measures from 30cm to 70cm available
  • Speed variation (Inverter)
  • Power: 0,55kW
  • Stop and run button
  • Switch on signal
  • Measures: 1510 x 1080 x 1900 (h) mm